December 2013

Doctor Zhiguang Xiao attended the Twelfth International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry (ISABC12) in Guangzhou, China on December 3rd and 6th, 2013. He presented a keynote lecture entitled “The Chemistry of Copper Ions Bound to the Amyloid Precursor Protein and to Abeta peptides Helps Define their Possible Roles in Alzheimers Disease”.

Jens Brose and Professor Wedd attended IC13, the Inorganic Chemistry Divisional Conference of the RACI in Brisbane on December 8-12, 2013. Jens took part in the Stranks Award Symposium, making both an oral and a poster presentation entitled “Redox Sulfur Chemistry in Copper Nutrition is Mediated by the Enzyme Grx1”. Professor Wedd presented a lecture entitled “The Sting in the Tail !! Reaction Mechanism of CueO, a Multi-Copper Oxidase from Escherichia coli”.

In collaboration with Professor Wolfgang Maret, Kings College, London), Professor Wedd has edited a book entitled “Binding, Transport and Storage of Metal Ions in Biological Cells” (ISBN no. 978-1-84973-599-5). It features 28 chapters covering molecular aspects of ingress, transport, regulation and egress of both essential and non-essential (toxic) metal ions. It will be published in 2014 as part of the new Metallo-Biology Series of the Royal Society of Chemistry.