December 2014

Laura Cortes and Tessa Young were selected to speak at the RACI Student Inorganic Chemistry Symposium at La Trobe University. Laura’s title was “Seven Copper sites in a Copper Enzyme Have Evolved to Control Copper Toxicity in E. coli” and Tessa’s title was “Affinity of the Aβ Peptide for Cu(I) and Cu(II)”. Tessa was awarded one of the prizes for best oral presentation.

Laura, Tessa, Doctor Xiao and Professor Wedd attended the Seventh Asian Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Laura and Tessa presented posters on their work and were selected for short oral presentations in the ‘Poster Slam’ competition. Doctor Xiao made an oral presentation entitled “A Set of Sensitive Fluorescent Probes for Quantification of Cu(II) Binding Affinities in the Micromolar to Femtomolar Range”. Professor Wedd presented a plenary lecture entitled “Copper at the Molecular Level: Roles in Health and Disease”.