October 2016

PhD student Gilles Lekeux from the University of Liege, Belgium has been visiting us for two months. He is investigating the way that zinc binds to N- and C-termini of certain plant zinc transporters. This work will be integrated with his complementation experiments in the plants.

Sam Graf and Peitong Li have now completed third year research projects in our laboratory. Thanks to Tessa, Chathuri and Ashwinie for helping them have a fruitful time.

Ashwinie Ukuwela won the Poster Prize at the Copper 10 Conference in Sorrento, Italy from Sept 25-30, 2016. It was awarded for the quality and defence of her poster entitled “Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Copper-Binding Proteins:- Poly-Lysine Tags versus Poly-Histidine Tags”. Congratulations, Ashwinie!!