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  1. April 2017

    Chathuri Wijekoon has submitted her PhD thesis for examination. it is entitled “Molecular Characterisation of a Metallo-Chaperone and a Membrane Copper Pump in Gram-Negative Bacteria” Our …


  2. March 2017

    Former student Dr Karrera Djoko (University of Queensland) presented a seminar in the Bio21 Institute on March 10. Karrera has now accepted a faculty position at …


  3. February 2017

    Our paper entitled “Copper ATPase CopA from E. coli. Quantitative Correlation between ATPase Activity and Vectorial Copper Transport” by Chathuri J. K. Wijekoon, Saumya R. Udagedara, …


  4. January 2017

    Laura Cortes has submitted her PhD thesis for examination. Good luck, Laura ! Our paper entitled “Copper Binding and Redox Chemistry of the Aβ16 Peptide and …


  5. December 2016

    Sean Lim (Honours) and Nineveh Yako (MS) have now completed their degrees. Good luck with your future work, Sean and Nineveh !!


  6. November 2016

    The group participated in the RACI Student Symposium, held in the Masson Building of the School of Chemistry on November 25.