The Xiao/Wedd Group

Transition Metals in Biology


Front row: Sam, Laura, Xiao. Middle row: Giles, Ashwinie, Chathuri, Tony. Back row: Sean, Nineveh, Reza, Tessa

Welcome to the Xiao/Wedd Research Group

We are from the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne and are located in the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute. We are interested in the roles of various transition metals, including Cu, Fe and Zn in catalysis and biology. We use a multi-disciplinary approach spanning synthetic inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, protein biochemistry and microbiology. Please use the navigation menu above to find out more about us.

We welcome inquiries from prospective Honours and PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Please click here for more information about opportunities within the group.