Dr. Zhiguang Xiao

After competing his MS at Fujian Normal University, China in 1985, Xiao became a faculty member of that University to teach Inorganic Chemistry at all levels. In 1989, he took up a scholarship offer from La Trobe University to undertake a postgraduate study on the model chemistry of molybdenum enzymes under the supervision of Prof. Anthony Wedd and obtained his PhD in 1992. He then moved to the University of Melbourne to work in the area of metal-containing proteins and enzymes.

His current research interests include molecular aspects of transition metal transport proteins and molecular probes for bio-metals. His research papers have received over 1,800 citations and steadily increasing annual citation rates: 129 in 2010, 167 in 2011, 155 in 2012, 194 in 2013, 199 in 2014 and 207 in 2015 (source: Google Scholar). He has presented invited lectures at nine national and international conferences since 2008.

Email: z.xiao@unimelb.edu.au