July 2008

Sinth Jegaskanda has joined us for 3 weeks as a winter vacation research experience student. He will be working with Karrera Djoko to express multicopper oxidases from E. coli.

May 2008

Zhenyu Shi has joined us as a PhD student. He will be working initially on the multicopper oxidases from E. coli and move on to investigate copper pumps from the same bacterium.

Apr 2008

We welcome back Lee Xin Chong, who has recently returned as a PhD student. She will be continuing her Honours work on CopK protein from C. metallidurans. She will also investigate copper pumps from E. coli.

Feb 2008

Ryan Gilbert-Wilson and Luke Moran have recently joined us as Honours students in chemistry. Ryan is making polyoxometalate complexes with Dr. Jingli Xie. Luke is co-supervised by Dr. Paul Donnelly and is working copper-specific sensors.

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