August 2012

The following paper, designated as an Edge Article by the journal, has now been published: “The Challenges of Using Fluorescent Sensor CS1 to Track Intracellular Cu”, Chemical Science, 2012, 3, 2748-2759. This was a collaboration with the White Group (Pathology) and the Donnelly Group (Chemistry) and showed that the chemical complexity of living cells can have diverse effects on the action of molecular probes designed to detect specific intracellular pools of copper. Dr Zhiguang Xiao contributed key thermodynamic and spectroscopic characterisation data.

In addition, the following article has appeared: “Photochemical Oxidation of Water and Reduction of Polyoxometalate Anions at Interfaces of Water with Ionic Liquids or Diethylether” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2012, 109, 11552-11557. This was a collaboration with the Bond Group at Monash. The work showed that classic polyoxometalate cluster anions are robust catalysts for the photo-oxidation of water when irradiated in the presence of ionic liquids (liquid salts) in solution.