March 2013

Laura Cortes Castrillon has arrived and started her PhD work. She will initially work with Franziska Boneberg and Dr Zhiguang Xiao to clone and express certain multi-copper oxidase enzymes.

Angie Kirchner and Franziska Boneberg have arrived to carry out research projects that are part of the requirements of the Masters in Biochemistry and Chemistry at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany. Angie is working with Tessa Young on identifying chromophoric probes for Cu(II). Franziska’s work is described above.

Sarah Buckley has decided to postpone her Masters work and to take a break.

The following manuscript has been accepted for publication in Metallomics: “Evaluation of Quantitative Probes for Weaker Cu(I) Binding Sites Completes a Set of Four Capable of Detecting Cu(I) Affinities from Nanomolar to Attomolar” by Z. Xiao, L. Gottschlich, R. van der Meulen, S. R. Udagedara and A. G. Wedd.