March 2014

Our paper “Redox Sulfur Chemistry of the Copper Chaperone Atox1 is Regulated by the Enzyme Glutaredoxin 1, the Reduction Potential of the Glutathione Couple GSSG/2GSH and the Availability of Cu(I)” by C. M. Sze, Z. Shi, G. N. Khairallah, L. Feketeova, R. A. J. OHair, Z. Xiao, P. S. Donnelly and A.G. Wedd has now been published on the Web (Metallomics 2014, 6, MT-ART-01-2014-000020.R1) It also has been highlighted by the journal as one of its HOT articles.

Our paper “An Integrated Study of the Affinities of the Abeta16 Peptide for Cu(I) and Cu(II): Implications for the Catalytic Production of Reactive Oxygen Species” by Tessa R. Young, Angie Kirchner, Anthony G Wedd and Zhiguang Xiao has now been published (Metallomics 2014, 6, 505-517). The journal chose it as one of its HOT articles

Mobrick, Ashwinie and Tessa have all arrived. Unluckily, they are helping with our laboratory move from the fourth floor to the fifth floor of the Bio21 Research Insititute.